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Resin jewelry

Last month I took a resin jewelry class at my local bead shop. I’ve played with resin in the past but almost always had problems with bubbles. Although I’ve had limited experience with resin using it in your art or jewelry seems to offer plenty of creative possibilities. I love the look of domed bezels that can seal almost anything you can think of. This is one piece I worked on. Sealed the patterned paper into the bezel, poured some BUBBLE-LESS resin into it, added some seed beads and waited for it to harden. At home, I had some oxidized copper chain and strung it through the bezel. The bezel is about 25mm—larger than I’m used to working with, but I like it! I’ve worn it many times and have received a few compliments. I’m hoping to have some similarly looking necklaces in my shop soon!

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