about me

Public health educator by day, mama to two all day, wife to one, and jewelry artist when I can fit it in!

Creativity is my sanity—that and a good night’s sleep.  What are the defining elements of most of my designs? Inspiration from India and all the beauty and flavor that comes from that country:  yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, meditation, jewel-toned colors, Devanagari script. If I could channel Indian food into my designs, I would.

India: the place of my birth where I spent a brief two months before my parents transported me to Hong Kong where I grew up together with my siblings and a large Indian community.  We celebrated all the important holidays with our community, went to the mandir (temple) every so often (relaxed parents!), and wore beautiful saris and salwaar kameezes when the occasion called for it.

Now, California is home—one I make and tend to with my partner and two young kids. Jobs, school, daycare, playdates, music, homemade lunches and dinners, and silly and playful fun fill our days.

Art, design and crafts—playing with beads, metals, wire—is my escape. The time to retreat into myself, experiment and create designs for others to enjoy. Making customized and personalized jewelry for my customers distinguishes my designs from those found in malls and retail spaces. I enjoy making unique, one-of-a-kind items with design details influenced by my customers. So, if you have a special request, contact me! Or if you just want to say hello—hearing from my readers is a treat!