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I always feel like a failed mother when milestones in my kids’ lives fly by me without a record of it. When I don’t have the presence of mind to grab the camera or like this morning, rushing with my daughter to her school on her first day of 2nd grade a few minutes late and not having the time to take decent photos. Yes, I had my iphone but no, I didn’t have the time to take a milestone-y kinda shot. Damn it…failed yet again. I did attempt to take photos of her on the playground when I picked her up.  Here she is playing with her brother.   Doesn’t say anything about 2nd grade but at least I TOOK a photo of her on the first day of 2nd grade!

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New necklace

Just finished creating this design this evening—a hand stamped and personalized necklace. The sterling silver leaf-shaped charm has the initial of my son. I’ll be adding another leaf to this cluster of charms with my daughter’s initial on it. The attraction of hand stamping is that you can stamp text and names of your choice. This design and many others in my shop make perfect gifts for mamas (and papas!)—each one is unique. Oh, and that is a sterling silver tree of life charm. I wrapped a peridot gemstone bead for a bit of color!


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Necklaces and more

My shop is filled with mainly necklaces but I do have a few earrings. This pair is my most recent design. For readers unfamiliar with that symbol smack in the middle of the discs, it is the symbol for Om. How do I explain the meaning of Om? I needed help from Wikipedia. Lets just simplify and say that Om is the sound of the vibration of the universe. I heard Om recited by my parents a gazillion times while growing up—I always associated it with my religion and prayers. When I took up yoga more than a decade ago, I started hearing it during some of the classes. Odd, I thought—Om belongs in my home with my parents or in the mandir. I’m over the oddness now. I’m here in California, in a city by the bay. I haven’t managed to replicate some of my childhood experiences for my kids to enjoy. And I have a feeling I won’t be getting to this one anytime soon.

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Personalized for a mama

This design is one of the first customized designs I made for a mama with two kids.  After stamping the names of her kids, I hammered those shiny orbs to get some texture.  Slip on a lotus flower charm and voila, you have a unique, personalized necklace with the names of loved ones. My sanskrit-style font adds a very unique touch to my designs! The creators of the font did a brilliant job of manifesting the Indian Devanagari script into the English alphabet.

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First post!

It only seems appropriate to begin my first post with a photo of a design that features Ganesh! For all who know of him, he is a happy god who is the remover of obstacles and giver of wealth. We begin all new endeavors with a salute and prayer to him in the hopes he will do his magic to create a trouble-free journey!

The 24k gold-plated sterling silver Ganesh is accompanied by a gold-plated bronze charm that features a lotus flower and a hessonite garnet stone. Ayurveda, the traditional healing method of India, believes that hessonite garnet helps to quiet the mind and calm the nerves. A healing stone to counter negative energy? Not a bad idea!

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