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Hand made bowls!

Hand made bowls! Thrown on a wheel! I finally did it. I’ve been drawn to ceramics for years—loved the idea of getting my hands into clay and creating something functional out of the clay mass that sits on a wheel. I found a very affordable ceramics studio run by a nearby city. I’ve been going for a few weeks now and am loving it. Instead of formal classes, there is open studio time on Monday nights.  The leader provides some instruction but a lot is left for playing and learning by oneself.

These are the first few bowls I made. I have a couple of plates waiting to be glazed and a few more bowls! Me thinks that one can never have enough hand made bowls!










The purple bowl is for my daughter who has loved the color purple ever since she could name them. The pooling of the glaze at the bottom and swirl created as a result was purely accidental.

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