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Art in the house!

Here is what the kids and I did this past weekend. Big sheets of paper and lots of finger paints to create messy art! This is the kind of art I love—messing around with items found in the home and creating textures with them. Another not so great photo—I need a DSLR!!P1040094

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Memory locket re-worked!

Memory locket Buddha Om 2

I like the idea of memory lockets—having the names or initials of your loved ones in the locket together with charms/stones that have personal meaning. In my new design, instead of the idea of a personal story, I created a theme: one that would have meaning to a Buddhist or a yogi. Or to those of us who connect to those elements for different reasons. The locket features a sterling Buddha charm, a hand stamped sterling disc and a garnet bead stone. During my travels around Asia in my early-20s, I spent some time at a Tibetan monastery in Nepal as well as a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. I learned many things from the teachers and community at both places. Having the Buddha in a locket inspires me to focus on some of the teachings of the Buddha: to practice compassion and loving kindness. The hand stamped Om always reminds me to stop and breathe and to notice what is happening NOW and the garnet is a beautiful deep red, and in Ayurveda is a replacement to an expensive ruby. It helps to give insight. Find the necklace here.

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Popular design

Om charm, ss buddha, teardrop glass bead

This is one of my more popular designs, perhaps for its simplicity and splash of color. I created it more than a year ago and at the time, I was staring at all my supplies on my messy jewelry table looking for inspiration. I had just bought the sterling silver Om charm and the teardrop shaped glass Czech beads—I strung them on the chain together with the sterling silver Buddha. I didn’t mess with the design and knew that I didn’t need to play with it anymore. Usually after I create a piece, I put it aside and return at a later time to see if all the elements of the design work together. My final question is always: “would I wear that?”

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